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Errors of dotnetnuke clean install version 05.01.04 and how to correct the issue

Errors of dotnetnuke clean install and how to correct the issue

Version: DotNetNuke Community 05.01.04 Source
Folder name: DotNetNuke_Community_05.01.04_Source

  1. Failed to generate a user instance of SQL Server due to a failure in starting the process for the user instance. The connection will be closed.
  2. Invalid value for key 'attachdbfilename'.

Solution for DotNetNuke version 05.01.04 source code:
  1. On clean source export into the web site folder. I usually export the source code into C:\Inetpub\"dnnLatest" or "dnn050104"\ (this is just sample, you can keep your own choice of location)
  2. Rename "DotNetNuke_VS2008.sln" file to "dnnLatest_VS2008.sln"
  3. Open Notepad and from Notepad open "dnnLatest_VS2008.sln", search and replace "DotNetNuke_Community" or "DotNetNuke_2" to "dnnLatest" or "dnn050104"
  4. For vista OS give full permissions for user "Network Services" on root folder of the source export or web site folder.
  5. Rename development.config to web.config
  6. Inside web.config file update trust level from medium to full
  7. This step only if sql express issue: Inside web.config file update sql connection string for sql express from ".\SQLExpress" to "(local)\SQLExpress",
  8. Open Visual Studio file "dnnLatest_VS2008.sln" or Open IIS and create a virtual directory "dnnLatest" to map with "C:\Inetpub\dnnLatest\Website\" or "C:\Inetpub\dnn050104\Website\" folder.
  9. Open (IE or Firefox or Chrome or Safari or Opera) and browse to http://localhost/dnnLatest/ or http://localhost/dnn050104/ and follow the instructions for setup.
Have fun :)