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Connecting/Linking Social Media Networks with each other

I had some pretty damn hard time, connecting the most used social media networks. I wanted to connect all the below networks without making a duplicate entry and I guess little review solved it but the result is that now I can't have My Notes published on Facebook.
  1. My Blog
    • Feedburner
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
I think removing notes from Facebook will simplify my blog entires; Previously I had to monitor not just the comments on my blog but also replies or likes on Facebook, even though I like the Facebook comments feature and the like feature; it is not connected to my blog. If there are 10 or more replies on My notes on Facebook, the visitors on my blog will see none as my blog is hosted on Google's Blogger platform. I hope that Blogger platform will somehow support Facebook Connect with it's platform and other platforms as well but for now it's not doing that and for that reason I chosen the below linking method to connect to the most used social media networks.

Here is the solution I am using, from my blog I first subscribed to the Feedburner and from that I connected the socialize API of Feedburner for twitter and on Facebook I allowed the Twitter api to update my status on Facebook.
  1. My Blog
    1. Feedburner
      1. Twitter
        1. Facebook
This way all my networks gets updated when I blog.

This solution works for me at least for now, if you are using a different route than please post it in the comments below.