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Cool site Coding4Fun

I like this msdn coding4fun website (, it has many cool tools necessary for programing. 

I am starting to build some of the hello world applications in silver light and .net framework 3.5. Not sure if I can really hit the mark and come up with a cool idea while I am starting to build just a hello world, but it's a start i guess.

The goal of mine is like nothing and everything, at one end it doesn't really matter if I build a great application and on the other hand I do want to build a rocking application which makes people talk about it. 

Over the years I have build hundreds of applications and some has really given me appreciation from my peers and clients but still none has really place a mark that will make me feel thats the high mark I want to reach all the time.

I hope as I am starting to build these new applications and trying this coding4fun site SDK's and tools, I hope I come up with a great application idea or application itself and i hope it's sooner rather than later.

hope the best, not bet the hope :)