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No to new browser unless it keeps the rendering close enough

Dam browser wars.... As a developer I am tired of running virtual machines to test a single site in ever growning list of browsers. I really agree with this articles point.

Current the browsers I test and have on my machine

Win Vista Business (SP2)
  1. IE8
  2. Chrome 2.0
  3. Firefox 3.5
  4. Safari 4.0
  5. Opera 9.64
  6. Firefox 3.0
  7. Firefox 2.x
  8. Virtual Machine (Win XP)
    • IE6
  9. Virtual Machine (Win XP)
    • IE7

Why is that a developer has to suffer at the expense of these big shots, what a average developer has to do to make a living out of a limitted bid amount or time, how can I test so many browsers and still make a profit out of a project or deliver the project on time by testing the website on each and every browser.

The sad part is when a new browser like chrome came just a year ago, the client felt the site has to support it.... no one till that point cared about how the site looked in mac or in safari...

May be I wasn't a mac fan but still its dramatically different and it's always pain to test every single page on multiple browsers.

I really support the notion of killing IE6 browser and forcing clients to upgrade because it's becoming a nuacense, when you provide people a content management system to add/edit/update they thing everything will work as magic, but it doesn't.

Take for instance copy/paste from word processor, I cannot support so many flavors of word processors and I get nightmares about copy paste of microsoft word... if only the whole online web site is online and not mix and match of desktop and online... or a better solution make everything xml complient so all we have to worry about is xsl the rendering and not about copy paste, right click left click, hot keys, F5... geezzzzzzzz....