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UPDATED: How do i map access database on windows 2008 r2 64bit?

I am having a really hard time today in searching for a solution for mapping the access database file on windows server 2008 r2 64bit.

The issue at hand is that I cannot find the Microsoft Jet Engine drivers for the windows server 2008. I am not sure as to why there are no drivers easily available not just for odbc of access but for excel as well.

After I installed sql server I got the sql server drivers and I hoped that after installing the Microsoft office 2007 trial edition on the server, it will install the odbc drivers for both access and excel, but it does not seems to be the case.

now the dilemma is on how to find these drivers, how do I get the same kind of sys 32 drivers work on a sys 64 bit system and map the old access mdb files so that I can make the coldfusion application work.

Ok, i found a solution online as to what I was missing the knowledge of

Solution posted by kbjohnson:
Run the following file for 32bit ODBC mapping: