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Completed the implementation of clients "Contact Form" translation given to me, to Spanish and German Languague

Last week on Thursday I naively assumed in a client meeting that, a single page translation of a "Contact Form" to Spanish and German, will not be a big deal and I promised a deadline of next Friday, only to realize now that I should have evaluate the entire contact form and the requirements more.

What I didn't pictured into the quote and the time it will take to finish the job was, that the bottlenecks that I will face could resulted into more research and required more time, but thankfully the geekhood (a.k.a brotherhood) of programmer's who share and post there questions and solutions on forums and blogs, gave me enough bits and pieces to resolve the issues again and again until I was able to deliver on my promise of implementing the translations given to me by the client.

The wrong assumption happened when I was told, here is the English text and here are two Microsoft word files having translation of each text in Spanish and German and all I have to do is display the text based on users choice of language. It was simple or suppose to be :(

Any way life is a... hmmm lets just keep it clean :)

I feel good that I was able to accomplish the requirements as they were implemented for the first time by me. Hopefully in the future I will give myself more time to review/think on the task's that I will be quoting the time for the first-time.

The solution was implemented as independent Asp.Net page within the CMS solution of DotNetNuke without changing any of the web.config or globalization file settings.