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Test Driven Development (TDD)

Great webinar today on Nunit in C# for the Test Driven Development (TDD) by Pragmatic Works.

It is interesting to see the good things that people use that help in development of applications. Even though I have been programing for years, I have not yet adopted the Unit Testing. Sometimes I feel like shouting at myself as to why not, but reality of the matter is, most of the legacy classic ASP application that I work on, does not really has room for elaborate rewrite of code. When ever I get chance to rewrite partial function code, I try my best to upgrade it but obviously time is the issue and also if a solution is working, no one wants to spend tons of money just to replicate the apps and sub-apps to another programing language or newer model.

The old mantra of don't fix it if it isn't broke comes into play all the time and I feel strange because of that, as to why I haven't used the Unit Testing in my code when functions start to have issues.

I wish there was a better set of options of doing the sales pitch for new upgrades, but sadly the new upgrades look good to talk about but does not translate into the justification for all the expenses.

One of these days, I guess I can finally say I am done with the classic ASP and look forward to the future with automated testing by Test Driven Development of my code.