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Spam Checking Tools and Tips: How to verify Newsletter Content

I have been recently assigned the task of verifying as to why our Newsletter is flagged as Spam. I am not a guy who knows the email marketing details, so I am learning as I go about reading this. Some have noted that I should avoid bounced emails and also look into double opt-in.

Interestingly many of the people on the list are people who receive our newsletter monthly. The issue also seems weird when the spam flag is being applied to the inboxes of people within the company as well.

Is there any way to know as to how the spam flag gets applied? Is it too many images, links or words or people just happen to report emails as spam even if they have opt-in to receive the newsletter?

I am reading up lot of blogs and articles, but nothing seems to giving me answers that I can report back and say this is it, correct this and the issue will go away.

Any advice?