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Character map Checkmark display in HTML

If you like to use a checkmark for your web page, than use this Unicode “✔” in your html code.

I had a quiz page, where I wanted to display the checkmark if the user answered the question correctly.

I first tried to find which font offers a checkmark symbol.

Second, after much trial and error I noticed the Wingding Font has the checkmark but not the Winding 3 Font. After using the CSS Font-family and src attribute to make it all work, I wasn’t totally sure on the licensing issue and the winding font kept resulting into a lowercase “a” rather than the checkmark in html.

Finally, I was able to solve the issue by referencing the Wikipedia Character Map reference guide and adding html render prefix of “&#x” to the numeric value from reference guide and the post prefix of “;”, to result in an html symbol, that displays checkmark. ✔