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QlikSense - Custom Form Login Screen

Extension of: 
Custom login, logout and error forms for Qlik Sense by RPK

QlikSense - Custom Login Screen

Install Node on QlikSense Server: URL: Saved at: C:\server-tools\Downloads\Node Installed at: C:\server-tools\Runtime\nodejs\ Keep default options
Create Folder: C:\QlikForm
Clone git Repository and keep updates private: # Open Shell/Bash/Command Prompt cd /QlikForm
# Ref:
git clone --bare cd QS-Custom-Forms.git
git push --mirror<name>/QS-Custom-Forms.git cd .. (go to parent folder)
# remove other users repo clone rm -rf QS-Custom-Forms.git
# clone witinc private repo git clone<name>/QS-Custom-Forms.git
Get latest copy of login pages:
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I hope following notes could be useful to some, and if I myself have forgotten to include any steps or the steps are no longer valid due to upgrades or software changes, please post it in comments and I will try to update the steps if possible or create a new blog and add a link to it in this blog post.

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