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Thank you - Grow with Google and Udacity for Mobile Web Specialist Scholarships

It's such a great feeling after completing Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree from Udacity, sponsored by Grow with Google.

When I applied for the scholarship, I wasn't looking for a new job but still I wanted to improve my understanding of web applications. I wasn't hundred percent sure that I will get the opportunity, but still I choose to apply.

I have to say I was surprised to have received the chance to compete in the first round; I was even more happy to learn that my nephew has also got selected in another scholarship program with Grow with Google.

I went on to complete the Phase 1 and then I got selected in Phase 2 as well. Developing web applications for 15+ years didn't help in making the challenges easy. Every project pushed my limits and made me learn so much more. It was really eye opener to learn about color contrast, web accessibility, image optimization and over all the best approach to delivery the content to the users browser.

I can't thank enough of…
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RPA Solution using UiPath Community Edition

Some screenshots from an RPA project that I have recently completed using UiPath Studio.

The project involved:
Log-In to a website using set credentialsGo to select pageProcess a list of user statusValidate the user rulesIf invalid, email the userAdd user status to a list of statues After all user statuses are processedSave the list of statues as an excel fileEmail the excel file to a designated user


PowerBI Enterprise App Embed Solution in PHP

I had a nightmare time trying to figure out a simple example for JavaScript API, for PowerBI embed solution using PHP programming language.

I hope developers post every single step solutions when possible as it's very nightmarish to figure out that which we don't know.

I hope following notes could be useful to some, and if I myself have forgotten to include any steps or the steps are no longer valid due to upgrades or software changes, please post it in comments and I will try to update the steps if possible or create a new blog and add a link to it in this blog post.

Power BI
Azure Portal

Setting up an Embed App Embed Onboarding URL:
Sign In “your-org-email-org-office-365-email” Register your application Application Name: Power BI Integration API access Read only APIs (check items below) Read all datasets Read all dashboards Read all reports Read all

Windows 10 restart issue Bootreg /fixmbr

I ran into some strange issue with Windows 10 restart, where the laptop screen will freeze with Dell logo, and upon force restart the system will stay blank/black with no response.
I had to read up many forum postings and finally I was able to resolve the issue by following the below steps:
Note: follow on your own risk: this may not work for your system. From bios enable legacy boot Bootreg /fixmbr Bootreg /fixboot Bootreg /rebuildbcdDiskpart List disk List volume List partition Select disk 0 Attributes disk Attributes volumeChkdak /r c:Scf /scannow

Amazon CodeStar - Php/Laravel - First Time Setup

Amazon CodeStar - Php/Laravel - First Time Setup

As of Feb 2018, what you need for setting up a Php/Laravel project using Amazon CodeStar

Add User PolicyAdd UserAdd VPCAdd VPC CIDRsAdd VPC Subnet group 1Add VPC Subnet - Availability zone: 1Add VPC Subnet - Availability zone: 2Add Key PairNetwork ACLRoute TableGit (CodeCommit / GitHub) and how to connect through "ssh"
CodeStar project Setup
Select Create ProjectSelect project template
Local repository setup
aws configure
git repository publish

7/28/2018 - - Erasing the Stigma: Mental Health in Tech

Looking forward to the following talk at PHP Detroit

Erasing the Stigma: Mental Health in Tech Many developers, including myself, deal with mental health issues, yet mental health in the developer community is often overlooked, hidden, or swept under the rug. Too many of us suffer in silence and end up hurting our professional and personal relationships, or even worse, ourselves.

What can be done to help de-stigmatize mental health issues? How can we, as a community, band together to help those of us with mental health issues feel more welcome in tech?

Together, we can work to Erase the Stigma associated with mental illness.

What can I learn after HTML, CSS, and JS (jQuery)? How can I improve my skills in web development?

My reply on Quora for question:
What can I learn after HTML, CSS, and JS (jQuery)? How can I improve my skills in web development?
Learning will never end, and the path you choose will lead the way.

It’s good to get a sense of what’s popular, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is what pays the bill, or what projects you get to work on.

Don’t go the Netscape route. Netscape choose to build a new browser version but in the process didn’t pay attention to previous version and they were many years too late to ask people to upgrade, while those people already went with other browsers.

At the beginning, as a developer/programmer you have to be jack of all trades and master of none, and later you can master the skills to perfect in select market.

The projects you work on and the ones you like, would automatically nudge you towards a select market.

Get the basics right.

My college classes were in C++ and VBScript, but my first project was in Perl with html and javascript…