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Working hours in six months to a year

I usually try to look for how many hours I have worked on a given project and what hours that I  spend on learning or network management tasks.   Below I have added some hours calculation, after finding the breakdown by months from Berkeley website.   Credit : 2017 Working hours six months (Jan 1st - Jun 30th):  130 days x 8 hours =  1040 hours Working hours six months (Jul 1st - Dec 31th):  130 days x 8 hours =  1040 hours Working hours for the year: 1040 hours + 1040 hours = 2080 hours Month Working Days in the month Monthly Working Hrs 1/2 of working hrs Midpoint of working days in the month Dates of Holidays January 22 176 88 8 a.m. 1/17 2,16 February 20 160 80 8 a.m. 2/15 20 March 23 184 92 Noon 3/16 31 April 20 160 80 8 a.m. 4/17   May 23 184 92 Noon 5/16 29 June 22 176 88 8 a.m. 6/16   July 21 168 84 Noon 7/17 4 August 23 184 92 Noon 8/16   September 21 168 84 Noon 9/15 4

Qlik Sense Hitchhiker

I just started to hitchhike my way through Qlik Sense Desktop Tutorial's. I started off with Beginning with the Basics and I am in the middle of Building an App . I hope to get the basics out of the way so I can build a app with the application data that I am familiar with. Initially I was lost in Qlik Sense Getting Started, as I started off with partner portal, from there to community, and then to dev section. Going through getting started or sales videos was just not my kind of thing. Try avoiding watching videos late at night as some would defineately try to put you to sleep. After all that, I was finally able to skip to the Tutorial section and that's where I felt like now we are getting started. Plain old, Hello World kind of tutorial that I appreciate in web solutions or programming languages or software's, with step by step instructions and no tangent paths. I hope to get an understanding of scripting as that is my goal to learn Qlik Sense.