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Showing posts from November, 2009

Is it for real? Facebook app 1.7.xx breaks blackberry 4.5 version

ahhhhh i don't know if it's for real or not but it seems that facebook app for blackberry effected my mobile, my mobile was not working out since yesterday and it was going into constant restart, first I uninstalled google maps as that was the last app I updated, but even after uninstalling google map and lot of other apps my phone was still not working and was going into constant restarts... only after I removed the facebook app today did the phone finally started working :( ... I updated facebook app like three days ago, hope that facebook releases a patch otherwise I am no longer installing the facebook app on my blackberry :( it wasn't a crisis for not able to use the phone for a day but i wouldn't want to risk it again thinking great social networking site will release bug free app's...

New Syndicated feedburner url

Now my blog feeds are syndicated through feedburner. Not 100% sure what difference this will make but it seems cool enough. thought to share... my twitter is back up, starting to link up all accounts (blogger, facebook, website, twitter) so all keep in sync if updated on one, i hope in coming months there will be even simple method than what i had to do... have nice day :) Wasay