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How to stop HDInsight Services For Windows

My installation of “HDInsights Services For Windows” on my “Windows 8.1 Pro” is more of learning rather than a server level always on installation. I started seeing many Java Platform SE binary(s) running in the task manager and forgot that these were the services being run by Apache Hadoop. It is always a good idea to set the services on development machines to run in manual mode but in case you forget to set it up or you like to find a easy way to stop or start the services, than check out the below sample, as these services may be renamed or additional added or removed since my blog being posted. For stopping OR starting all the “Apache Hadoop” Services, use a batch file, and run this file with elevated permissions . File name: Services_Stop_Apache_Hadoop.bat *************************************** echo Services Stop Apache Hadoop NET STOP datanode NET STOP derbyserver NET STOP historyserver NET STOP hiveserver NET STOP hiveserver2 NET STOP hwi NET STOP jobtracker NET STOP met