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PowerBI - Report Embed Error

PowerBI Issues It was no fun learning about the issue "Report Embed Error" on a production application. When I started looking at the issue, everything looked find as the Power BI report was there, there were no issues with permissions and no issue with Gateway setup; but then I noticed the Power BI report GUID is no longer the same. I was wondering how did that happen?  I looked at all the things and realized that a GUID will stay with the report, just because the developer renames the original file as backup and creates a new file, than that does not mean that the GUID will magically be updated on the backup file rather than the new file. It's a simple and easy to understand thing, but very hard to catch at first glance. If the GUID is such a important factor on a Power BI Embed solution, than there should have been some type of heads up or warning notification. One would have hoped that while publishing a new report with same name as a previously published report, Powe