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Windows 2003 block 0/icmp

I came accross this great article about how to block the ping traffic with IPSec.  The patch was required as I noticed in the HackerSafe reports for one of the clients that this is happening with the server, and thus the need to fix it. I didn't knew much about this issue until it came in the reports and the article basically lays it out clearly on how to block it. The steps mentioned in the article and the thumbnails provided were great help.  Thanks Daniel Petri for the article.

Cool site Coding4Fun

I like this msdn coding4fun website ( ) , it has many cool tools necessary for programing.  I am starting to build some of the hello world applications in silver light and .net framework 3.5. Not sure if I can really hit the mark and come up with a cool idea while I am starting to build just a hello world, but it's a start i guess. The goal of mine is like nothing and everything, at one end it doesn't really matter if I build a great application and on the other hand I do want to build a rocking application which makes people talk about it.  Over the years I have build hundreds of applications and some has really given me appreciation from my peers and clients but still none has really place a mark that will make me feel thats the high mark I want to reach all the time. I hope as I am starting to build these new applications and trying this coding4fun site SDK's and tools, I hope I come up with a great application idea or applic