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Did I just lost Windows Explorer in Windows 8.1 Preview?

Very strange experience today with Windows 8.1 Preview. I lost the option to access my “C” drive. On first go, I was prompted to switch to Sky drive for documents and photos, and obviously I said “Don’t ask again” and boom, the crash of task bar. Then I selected a shortcut link to one of my favorite folders and I can access folder structure like, my downloads, my documents but not the “C” drive root. Very strange, I just hope it’s a fixable issue as, this will really be annoying to work with if I keep running into the “Windows Explorer” crash cycle.

IE 11 with updated Developer Tools

The new developer tools window of IE 11 is great looking but it is confusing at best to start with. The most important part of the developer tool is the emulator selection of previous versions but sadly it’s the last option in the left navigation options of the devTools. Yes after using the devTools, one can say how useful it is and where certain options are located, but the start off is just as how things were with Windows 8 beta. The not knowing of what keys or buttons to press is frustrating. Ah I wish a day when, designing and maintaining a website will not require a forever testing of every possible combination of systems and the browsers. One good thing I notice in the new Emulation is that, it now allows a laundry list of combinations to test out and the user agent string is a long list: Default Internet Explorer 10 Internet Explorer 9 Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer 6 IE 10 – Windows Phone 8 IE 9 – Windows Phone 7 IE – Xbox Google Chrome