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Smart JavaScript/hidden radio button to disable browser back button

Note: please post a one liner if this post was helpful to you. I am finally able to figure out how to code a smart tag to disable the browser back button for quiz’s. I searched long and hard to find a similar solution but never was able to find one but now it seems I have the perfect solution where it blocks users from hitting the back button in the browser and changing their answers in the quiz questions by selecting a different radio button from previous submit action. This solution basically is half JavaScript and half programming as the programming code pulls the data from a pool of questions and JavaScript looks for a hidden field and if it has been initialized already or not, if the value was initialized on load than the value is retained when the user clicks the back button thus JavaScript knows that value exists and reloads the page. The trick is simple yet it looks so complex and it retains the forward button as well because the page was just refreshed. What I learned is

Reflection keyboard no hardware

It seems like their will soon be a reflection keyboard and other gadgets thanks to "Pattie Maes & Pranav Mistry: Unveiling the " Sixth Sense ," game-changing wearable tech“. Looking at the video it seems anything thing is possible from this kind of application. I hope the commercial applications will be develop sooner rather than later because this is really cool implementation of technology.