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DNN Upgrade 4.9 - 5.1 Error

Today I upgraded a site that I have been working on from last two months and before moving from staging to production, I thought about using the latest stable upgrade from dnn and apply that to the site. I was hoping no errors as it stated to be stable version. Over all the experience is not bad as the errors are not something which will make me start over. The first red mark was during upgrade, it was a event primary key issue where the key already exists and it could not be created. Should have been captured the error automatically but for some reason it throws an error. The other three issues are with IE 8 browser and not sure if it's just at the time of home page load or also on the other pages but they are their as many people have commented on the IE8 error. check out the image, log text and text file text to get a detail view about my upgrade results. Thanks, Wasay ****************************************************************** System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Table &#

US government launches IT spending data in a web based dashboard

The US government just lauched a IT dashboard to better track the spending budget. It is a great site to check out not only the data but also have the ability to subscribe a custom report through the rss feed or a manual download of the csv file. It is very interesting that the government has taken the step which was expected from the government for past decade and only to be fullfilled now. Even though the site is not as slick as many other executive dashboards it still is a step forward. Now it will be easier for local authorities to adapt such technologies for their departments as previously no one really understood why it is important to show the data in a dashboard fashion and how it can solve many mismanagement issues. Federal IT Dashboard: More news about it: