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Virtual PC: XP Mode: Windows 7 Password Issue

I had the XP Mode enabled on the pc with Windows 7 Ultimate and installed the additional virtual pc's of windows xp and windows 7 professional for testing. After using Win 7 VPC initially, I did not used it for months and today when I tried to use it again, I was prompted for log-in, after repeated tries with every combination again and again, I am unable to gain access to the virtual pc, even though I had a basic password with a hint. Nothing seems to be working. As it was a virtual pc on my laptop, no one else had access to it to update the password, so it's really annoying to run into this issue. Researching the issue online, seems many people on the XP mode, let it be Windows 7 or Windows XP, have the same issue. After trying few of the solutions, I am still out of luck and it seems like I am running out of options, as none of the forums gives a clear answer, and some have the solution for password recovery tools but that just not the method to solve this issue as the same