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Test Driven Development (TDD)

Great webinar today on Nunit in C# for the Test Driven Development (TDD) by Pragmatic Works. It is interesting to see the good things that people use that help in development of applications. Even though I have been programing for years, I have not yet adopted the Unit Testing. Sometimes I feel like shouting at myself as to why not, but reality of the matter is, most of the legacy classic ASP application that I work on, does not really has room for elaborate rewrite of code. When ever I get chance to rewrite partial function code, I try my best to upgrade it but obviously time is the issue and also if a solution is working, no one wants to spend tons of money just to replicate the apps and sub-apps to another programing language or newer model. The old mantra of don't fix it if it isn't broke comes into play all the time and I feel strange because of that, as to why I haven't used the Unit Testing in my code when functions start to have issues. I wish there was a better set