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PowerBI Enterprise App Embed Solution in PHP

I had a nightmare time trying to figure out a simple example for JavaScript API, for PowerBI embed solution using PHP programming language.

I hope developers post every single step solutions when possible as it's very nightmarish to figure out that which we don't know.

I hope following notes could be useful to some, and if I myself have forgotten to include any steps or the steps are no longer valid due to upgrades or software changes, please post it in comments and I will try to update the steps if possible or create a new blog and add a link to it in this blog post.

Power BI
Azure Portal

Setting up an Embed App Embed Onboarding URL:
Sign In “your-org-email-org-office-365-email” Register your application Application Name: Power BI Integration API access Read only APIs (check items below) Read all datasets Read all dashboards Read all reports Read all