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Build My Own PC Part II

Finally I have some time to write down about my experience in building the pc of mine at home. It was not-at-all fun but at the end it was gratifying. Just knowing that I can connect the hardware without anyone’s help (excluding all the Google-ling) or I should have said *paid* help, just makes it cool. I guess knowing little bit is better than fearing of not knowing the little. Here are some of the images of the hardware in my room before I started off building my pc.       Well I don’t have much regarding the details of what happen except to say that when I installed windows 7 beta, I ran into a sleep mode issue and the same issue was again there when i formatted and installed vista. So now I am thinking of reformatting and installing the windows 7 release may be after couple of months I guess.   Oh by the way i messed up the processor while installing or i think so went back to the store and got a replacement as it was not working :) i was scared they may not take it back c