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Configuring PHP on Windows Training Kit with SQL Server 2008 R2

There were lot of trial and errors; but I was finally able to setup "PHP on Windows Training Kit" on Windows 7 with SQL Server 2008 R2. It was the dependencies check which through the curve balls in the check for all requirements installed or not. I updated these PowerShell files to complete the setup: Files in: \Labs\GettingStarted\Setup\scripts\Dependencies\Check CheckAdventureWorks2008DB For AdventureWorks I had to remove the "2008" as the database that is installed on my machine does not have the database name as "AdventureWorks2008" $db = Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query "select database_id from [master].sys.databases where name = ' AdventureWorks '" -ServerInstance ".\SQLEXPRESS" CheckSQL2008 For SQL Server check I have to search for R2 as just 2008 will return as not found. SearchAllUninstallKeys -SearchFor ' Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 '; CheckSQLServerNativeClient Same as SQL server search; this native client is also R2 an

DotNetNuke: Customized Events Module Upgrade to Standard

Today I was able to upgrade a customized Events module of the DNN (DotNetNuke) at the request of the client. After my suggestion the client wanted to have the latest updates and also gave an okay to drop the customization and use the standard events module. What should have been an easy upgrade quickly turned into a nightmare; a nightmare which took all evening yesterday and the early morning today. It turns out that the install wizard does not rollbacks all the things as is; especially the ones which were checked with IF Exists or IF NOT Exists SQL. I believe the IF (NOT) Exists scenarios should actually turn on and off boolean values so that they can be passed on as parameters to the other SQL scripts and all the way to the rollback scenario. It was really painful to redo all things at least ten times as the error was triggering the rollback and retry will fail at missing columns or columns already exists; which were added or deleted by the previous try and were not undone by the rol