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(Part 1) DNN Event module customization

(Part 1) DNN Event module customization! DNN Event module customized with additional fields and annonymous add events functionality Hi their, I have just started customizing the events module Events_04.00.02_Source . I will be updating the steps I have taken so far and what I am doing to that I can keep every one upto date about the progress and if I find issues I will be asking for help here. Steps I have taken so far Exported the source zip file Renamed the exported output folder named with xxxx_Events_04.00.02_Source so that I don't mistakenly overwrite it, note I didn't changed the project name or anything else just the folder in which the files are in. Inside the exported project, I extracted the file into Resources folder, then went inside the resources folder, selected all files and moved it to parent of the resources folder. Yes I could have exported directly their but just thought to explain it better. deleted the file and the resources empt

DotNetNuke (dnn) HelloWorld build issues resolution

My First or I should say many tries HelloWorld sample project: I downloaded the visual studio template of dotnetnuke from dnn site and ran the compilation and build method in visual studio but to my surprise their were errors, and I had no clue as to why such erros are happening. First, I applied the update to "References" in "My Project" (double click) properties, I added a reference path to the bin folder of a complete dnn install (or use source code) which removed the yellow warnings for DotNetNuke.dll and Microsoft Application Block dll. Once the dll were referenced correctly, I was able to remove many issues, then their was a new issue of Text is not a member of System.Web.UI.UserControl. That was one error I just wasn't able to figure out until I stumbled upon a dotnetnuke forum where a user said about fixing the error by changing the vb code file, well guess what in microsoft visual studio 2008 the file it is no longer the code file but it is an extra fil