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dotnetnuke - Release: 05.04.04

If you are upgrading to dotnetnuke - Release: 05.04.04 and using the "upgrade" zip file than make sure to get the latest 2010 "Telerik.Web.UI". If you are not sure from where than just download the zip of "Install". Yes, it's a one extra step to download the "Install" zip file, but it will save you lot of grief as there aren't many post that helps you, in understanding that the dll version and the web.config version do not match. This same issue happens on other dlls when you are upgrading by skipping two or more minor levels. Just keep an eye out for dll version numbers and dates.

Completed the implementation of clients "Contact Form" translation given to me, to Spanish and German Languague

Last week on Thursday I naively assumed in a client meeting that, a single page translation of a "Contact Form" to Spanish and German, will not be a big deal and I promised a deadline of next Friday, only to realize now that I should have evaluate the entire contact form and the requirements more. What I didn't pictured into the quote and the time it will take to finish the job was, that the bottlenecks that I will face could resulted into more research and required more time, but thankfully the geekhood (a.k.a brotherhood) of programmer's who share and post there questions and solutions on forums and blogs, gave me enough bits and pieces to resolve the issues again and again until I was able to deliver on my promise of implementing the translations given to me by the client. The wrong assumption happened when I was told, here is the English text and here are two Microsoft word files having translation of each text in Spanish and German and all I have to do is display

Localize just a contact page with resx files - Language and Internationalization - DotNetNuke

Localize just a contact page with resx files - Language and Internationalization - DotNetNuke Today I was able to resolve a issue regarding localization that I had to figure out because of client requirements. The issue was conflict between DotNetNuke Localization and ASP.Net localization. The requirement was for just one page content localization and one page alone for which I didn't wanted to create a entire module in dotnetnuke or mess up the web.config file's localization settings. After hard battle with countless tries and retries of examples by many dev's, I finally able to crack it. The solution came to just using the ResolveURL function and placing the localized files in App_LocalResources. It was so simple but it gave me so much headache. *************************************** Protected Sub Page_PreInit(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.PreInit Dim lang As System.Globalization.CultureInfo Dim langSetDefault As Boolean langSetDef