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Converting Ideas to Website Projects and Solutions

Following is a SCQA Framework blog post for Udacity DMND Project My situation as a web developer has been that, I have spend countless days, months, and even years in trying to convert my ideas into website projects and solutions. At start the idea feels easy to launch but it becomes complicated very soon. First, I have issue with where to start; once I figure that out, the second complication I run into is what online framework to use; and the third issue I run into is where to host the solution.  The question, I usually ask myself and try to solve is, how can I break this cycle of dead ends? After looking for answers for multiple years, recently I found what seems to be the solution I am looking for: "Udacity Digital Marketing Course". It may sound weird that, I know everything there is to know about how website works and marketing works; but this course seems to cover things regarding content and marketing, that I have never felt comfortable with. I feel that Udacity Digit

Making it easy to find the ideal deal!

Following is a SCQA Framework blog post for Udacity DMND Project We can find hundreds of online deals websites now, and many new ones popping up daily, but they try to do everything or too much on a single website. Based on our research, this approach creates lot of complications. The user usually can't easily find the deals they are looking for; and if they do find the deal, it is usually expired or no longer available. The questions usually are, where can I find the deal, how can I add my local store as a store from which I want to know User's prefer if User's prefer if the website were to allow easy access to deals and codes without going to third or fourth page.