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QlikSense - Custom Form Login Screen

Extension of:  Custom login, logout and error forms for Qlik Sense by RPK QlikSense - Custom Login Screen Install Node on QlikSense Server: URL: Saved at: C:\server-tools\Downloads\Node Installed at: C:\server-tools\Runtime\nodejs\ Keep default options Create Folder: C:\QlikForm Clone git Repository and keep updates private: # Open Shell/Bash/Command Prompt cd /QlikForm # Ref: git clone --bare .git cd QS-Custom-Forms.git git push --mirror<name>/QS-Custom-Forms.git cd .. (go to parent folder) # remove other users repo clone rm -rf QS-Custom-Forms.git # clone witinc private repo git clone<name>/QS-Custom-Forms.git Get latest copy of login pages: # Open She

How to Create an Alexa Skill

How to Create an Alexa Skill Creating an Alexa skill easier than you think. It may seem daunting at first, but if you just follow step by step guidelines, then you will have a Alexa Skill all ready for Certification in an hour. Steps that are involved in launching your Alexa skill are: Step 1: Design a Voice User Interface Step 2: Set Up the Skill in the Developer Console Step 3: Use the Voice Design to Build Your Interaction Model Step 4: Write and Test the Code for Your Skill Step 5: Beta Test Your Skill (Optional) Step 6: Submit Your Skill For Certification Your Skill is Published. You will have a live skill, and a development version skill. Repeat from Step 4 if Updating the development version. If you want to quickly set up a sample Alexa skill to learn about the basics of skill building and experiment with the Alexa Skills Kit, you can use a quick start template. The quick start template creates a skill with a working interaction model and a default endpoint for t