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Make a simple quiz SCORM complaint

Today I am researching on how to make a simple basic quiz of true and false as well as some multiple choice questions as scorm complaint. I have been doing on again off again kind of research on SCORM for past 4 years, when ever I do lot a research it just happens that the project that was suppose to come in usually dies out for budget reasons or for offshore pricing competion. It seems this time around I might have time and promise of the project to really go forward with the research of scorm. I will be updating this post as I learn more and more and how I accomplish make a simple classis asp quiz and dotnetnuke quiz complaint with the SCORM...... the google search pages I have reviewed and which are interesting to check out: I found this page about " How to Create a SCORM Compliant Quiz " and it's a basic details but something to start of right away with little or not confusing technical jargan. another helpful link to check out is this interaction at the forum "