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X-UA-Compatible for IE Older Browsers

I have used the X-UA-Compatible before, but I was not aware that by default the compatibility mode goes directly as far back as IE 7 rather than one off from IE 10 to IE 9. After testing all the code, I clicked on the compatibility option and realize that, all my CSS Div tag float options at wrong positions. I was a bit horrified that my code is broken even for the one off “IE 9” browser, but than I realize to open up the “Developer Tools” by pressing the “F12” key. It showed me that my default compatibility option is “IE 7” and not “IE 9”. After researching few pages, testing multiple options, I came to agree on this meta tag. It has to be placed inside the “head” tag, otherwise it may not work well. Basically I selected it to default to latest browser if possible (“edge”) or one off till it reaches “IE 8 Compatibility Mode”. I have not tested if the versions needs to be placed from left to right in increment. For me it just makes it easy to update in future, like if I needs to

Firefox: Firebug: NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS: Not enough arguments

I started receiving this unknown error on Firefox’s Firebug developer tool, and for couple of hours, I could not figure out as to what this was, and I have a habit of switching gears and start working on something else if I hid road blocks in programming and when I looked closely at my script after some other work, I noticed that I had a variable defined twice, and strangely, because this issue was issue inside a function which was part of a jQuery Dialog and the function was attached to a button click function. All my try-catch functions were out the window and unable to capture this strange issue. I thought this makes no sense, I have the programming helper plugins which will highlight, that I have defined a same name variable twice, but in this case, it seems those plugins fail to alert. Try and Catch are good practices but they do not display clear messages specially when humans make silly mistakes Have a nice day!