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Google Chrome Incognito Two Windows Sharing Data from one another

I have two separate Google Apps account and today I happen to open them up in two separate Google Chrome Incognito Windows. Two windows two different instances, works well with Google Apps Email or Gmail, both render different Gmail accounts. But there seems to be a caveat, the less restricted Google Apps accounts seems to penetrate the second Incognito window tabs when opening services like “Sites” or “Offers” and ask for permissions to log-in with the second windows credential even though in the next sibling tab the Gmail is running fine. The “Offers” services automatically displays offers based on the second windows “Credential”. Only after Gmail refreshed does the other services start picking up the same windows credentials. I assume that this is an expected issue if using the normal browser or if the email itself was behaving same, but because Gmail works flawlessly, it just begs the question why the other Google services not able to support features that Gmail supports. Is Gm

Character map Checkmark display in HTML

If you like to use a checkmark for your web page, than use this Unicode “✔” in your html code. I had a quiz page, where I wanted to display the checkmark if the user answered the question correctly. I first tried to find which font offers a checkmark symbol. Second, after much trial and error I noticed the Wingding Font has the checkmark but not the Winding 3 Font. After using the CSS Font-family and src attribute to make it all work, I wasn’t totally sure on the licensing issue and the winding font kept resulting into a lowercase “a” rather than the checkmark in html. Finally, I was able to solve the issue by referencing the Wikipedia Character Map reference guide and adding html render prefix of “&#x” to the numeric value from reference guide and the post prefix of “;”, to result in an html symbol, that displays checkmark. ✔