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Sharepoint Hosting

Lately I have been researching on the windows SharePoint services 3.0 and MOSS or SharePoint Server 2007. As much as I love to implement SharePoint based websites the hassle I am running into is to pick the right type of hosting plan, A plan that will give me peace of mind and as well as the money's worth for the clients. I have tried to find the best solution for hosting and so far my dealing with 123Together and HostMySite has not yielded in a peace of mind solution. The basic SharePoint plan I have with 123Together is good which is solely based on WSS 3.0 and all works great except the fact that I cannot backup the website in Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007. The support people tell me that my site is backup daily but I like to have a rollback for at least a week not just a day or two, so I just getting a run around from technical support people. And the HostMySite hosting is totally different ball game, they have yet to figure out a anonymous user access. Either the technical