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WordPress Plus Points

WordPress as a custom install or a hosted solution, provides easy access and setup for a personal blog or a profession website. Large organizations can even use services like or WPEngine's price plan solutions. The plus points of WordPress Content Management System (CMS) are: Easy Setup for personal blog, professional portfolio, or a business website. Manage Users with role permissions of Administrators, Editors and Contributors. Publishing options for drafts, review, approve, and scheduling. Easily manage your media files, as well as manage them using slideshows or featured images. Great selection of themes to purchase or use few of the free default themes. Plugins to extend and add features Auto Upgrade Feature Search Engine Optimized right out of the box Available in more than 70 languages Licensed under the GPL.

Git has become a life Saver - Udacity/Bertelsmann: The Blog Challenge

Git has become a life Saver! For me git has become a life saver and an important part of web development. As each developer brings there own way of programming and keeping "code safe"; its helpful to known that we all can follow same style when we commit our changes to the master branch. Git makes it easy to review current updates with updates that are already live. I use git history (git log) feature on almost daily basis to review my changes, before I commit them to feature branch. The git feature branches makes it easy to test out the code in isolated qa-websites that are kept clean from working development websites. It was a learning curve when I first started in git; but over constant reuse and following some git cheetsheets, I have come to enjoy and love git version control system.