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Switching 4rm twitter 2 blogger - Update 1

Update: My account has been restored, almost after a month, better late than never :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Switching 4rm twitter 2 blogger, For whtevr reason twitter felt I have violated there terms conditions & after 2 unsuccessful support tickets I am switching... ********************************* the above message was originally test posted from mobile... this works great and keeps things at one place :) much better... To elaborate on the issue, My account got suspended right after I made few unique tweets on multiple accounts and a week before I deleted some spam tweets on my @ syedwasay . Not knowing what caused the issue for suspension, I thought may be they are thinking I am spaming and blogged my account for that but I hardly posted two or three post and that too on my clients accounts and not on my account, but still no clue as to why my account is suspended. I tried in vein to communicate back to twitter

DotNetNuke Upcoming Events setup of Calendar of Events

After much trial and error, spending endless hours on figuring out upcoming module with errors and issues I decided to find a better solution and what’s better solution than a xml and XSL. I have been using “OTBMedia-UpcomingEvents” since 4.x, but it’s giving lot of issues in 5.0 so the need to find a better solution. After initial start I realize the sort does not work with XSL as is but going over settings I see that I can manipulate the RSS output of the events RSS in “Template Settings” under settings. Events >> Settings [NOTALLDAYEVENT][event:startdate|g][/NOTALLDAYEVENT][ALLDAYEVENT][event:alldayeventtext][/ALLDAYEVENT] - [event:title] After this manipulation I can easily format the xml in DotNetNuke’s XML/XSL module based on title, as the XML/XSL does not handles date correctly or at least to my knowledge. XML >> XSL (code) <?xml version="1.0"?> <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="

No to new browser unless it keeps the rendering close enough

Dam browser wars.... As a developer I am tired of running virtual machines to test a single site in ever growning list of browsers. I really agree with this articles point. Current the browsers I test and have on my machine Win Vista Business (SP2) IE8 Chrome 2.0 Firefox 3.5 Safari 4.0 Opera 9.64 Firefox 3.0 Firefox 2.x Virtual Machine (Win XP) IE6 Virtual Machine (Win XP) IE7 Why is that a developer has to suffer at the expense of these big shots, what a average developer has to do to make a living out of a limitted bid amount or time, how can I test so many browsers and still make a profit out of a project or deliver the project on time by testing the website on each and every browser. The sad part is when a new browser like chrome came just a year ago, the client felt the site has to support it.... no one till that point cared about how the site looked in mac or in safari... May be I wasn't a mac fan but still its dramatically different and it's always pain to test every si