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Udacity's Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program (DMND)

June, 2021, I have completed my Digital Marketing Nanodegree program from Udacity. It has been at times tough program as I had to evaluate campaigns, find out ROI's, CTR's and CPC Bid, all terms related to digital marketing. I would say it's been a humbling experience to know, how much of marketing information I was not aware of or thought that's not part of a customer touch point. I was also not ware of so many tools that are must have to really get the best return on investment for the clients Customer Journey. Four months ago I wouldn't have thought there is so much to do in Digital Marketing, but now I understand why Digital Marketing is so hot sector right now. Digital Marketing touches every aspect of a Customer Journey, either directly which you may or may not be ware of or indirectly which you are most likely not be aware of; it is incredible the amount of things that are part of the Customer Journey. I am hoping to help out business with achieve their goals