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Work History

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Archive list prior to 2015

IDE: Dreamweaver 8+, Expression Web, SharePoint Designer 2007+, Visual Studio 2005+, Eclipse
Framework: ASP.Net, MVC, jQuery, ColdFusion 3+, Classic ASP
Servers: SQL 2000+, SharePoint 2003+
Data Mining: IBM DataStage, BO Data Integrator
OS: Windows 2000+, Linux (RedHat)

Past Experience
  • Custom Solutions and Integration
  • Industries:
    • Automobiles
    • Consumer Goods, Consumer Services
    • Non-profit, Social Sector
    • Consulting, Legal, Engineering, Accounting, Other
    • Utilities
  • Categories
    • HTML Email Newsletter
    • Internet Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Websites-Brochure (Standard HTML)
    • Websites-Database/Ecommerce (Dynamic)
  • Interest were in:
    • jQuery
    • PHP
    • Laravel
    • html5
    • Bootstrap
    • CSS3
    • SQL Server 2014
    • Windows (XP, Me, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8) 
  • Software skills:
    • ASP
    • DotNetNuke (DNN Skins, customization and Custom Modules)
    • Visual Basic / VBA
    • HTML / DHTML
    • JavaScript / VBScript / Ajax
    • Perl
    • XML, XHTML
    • Cold Fusion
    • CSS
    • Use Case writing
    • UML
    • Activity Diagrams
    • Process Flow diagrams
    • Visio
    • MS Access
    • Photoshop
    • UltraDev, Cold Fusion Studio
    • Cold Fusion Server (Certified 2004)
    • C++
    • InterDev 6.0
    • IBM Websphere (Certified)
  • Web Application:
    • WDDX
    • CGI - Perl
    • Java Script (Certified 2004)
    • Html 4.0
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • Allaire Spectra (Building a strong Application)
    • MS Access
    • SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise Edition (The best Database Application I love it and still learning the hidden secret's).
  • Past projects:
    • eAudit.Net
    • UAW Chrysler
    • VPSI
    from Cygnus (Used Database Integration to handle shows)
  • from Cygnus
    (Used Database Integration to handle shows as well as Visitor Registration for the Show(s) )
    • (Created there GNet Section for members)
    • Oakland County of Michigan (Applied CyberCash process in their Application and modified some of their application as needed)
    • Some of the past Client/Company promotion websites that I have been involve in includes:
    • MacWarrior III from MSN section Gaming Zone
    • BigMoney from 3Com (Product sales and Sweepstakes application)
    • EWorld from 3Com (Product sales and Sweepstakes application with greater or lesser chance to the applicable product)
    • from Amtrak (A Quiz application, One Question per week, but dates may vary per week to week!)


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