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Solution for RSS to Calendar grid layout

For DotNetNuke and other rss feeds.

Finally I was able to figured out a way to display and share a calendar accross portals when syndication is enabled.

The following Calendar.xsl file builds a calendar grind and then for each day verify if any rss feed is available and if so then it adds the rss feed to the appropriate day.

I want to have a ability to share one portal site calendar completely different portal without the loss of grid layout and this Calendar.xsl file does that :)

Painstaykinly four days have finally paid off. Oddly every time it seemed to work and when testing in classic ASP it worked but not in dotnetnuke portal and vise versa ahhhh finally everything is working...

I will be adding new features or updates to this ones I am able to see how everyone comments back.



  1. Hi i know this post is pretty old but I just found it. does this file work with current verions of the events module. this is exactly what I am looking for. you can contact me at usinvestments @

  2. Hi Shawn,

    I have not tested the solution recently but it sure should be able to work as long as the RSS syntication is enabled in the settings of the event module.

    If you download the files you should be able to use it easily in your dotnetnuke module.

    If the solution doesn't work than just post your comments on this blog and I will try to reply to your question as soon as possible.


  3. Hi Wasay,

    I tried installing your .xsl file into the news feed module and it does not load with the news feed. I did not load the other two files, not sure If I needed to or where they needed to go. I am using the latest version of the events module v5.0 RC2 and they did change alot of the tables in the databse as alot of functionality was added and just wondering if that may be it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Here is the error I recieved.

    XSLT compile error.

    Feed '' could not be loaded. Error: Download error


  4. Shawn,

    You need to
    1. enable the RSS feed for your event module
    2. Copy the url of the event module rss feed.
    3. On the another page or another site, add an rss module on the page.
    4. configure it to the url of the event module rss
    5. utilize the xsl file from my files.

    You can easily open the xsl file in the notepad and change the names as you feel necessary.

    My file is not depended on the database names and stuff so you can easily change it to how ever you like it to be.

    I am to busy with other projects otherwise I would have setup the dnn 5.0 site.

    Sorry man you might have to try some more, it just seems very little customization, hope this post helps you.


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