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Build My Own PC Part I

I have been researching alot on building my own pc for atleast two years now and finally today I was able to start the process by purchasing the "Antec Nine Hundred ATX Gaming Case" for $90 with taxes.

To be honest many times I have went online and spend countless hours to research on Amazon, Best Buy and Micro Center and even add the systems to shopping cart but then at the last min I will just leave it all out. I guess today was the day for it.

Today I got a email from Micro Center about build your own pc month coupon and I guess it was the marketing genies that just made me take the step to buy the case so today at Micro Center I have also looked up other case's online and at store like "NZXT Guardian 921 ATX Mid-Tower Case" and I was almost going to buy "XION XION II Black Gaming Case with 450W Power Supply" but then asked the Micro Center guy as to what will be best and he said that "Antec" always beats "Xion" so had to change my mind, it's my first time building the pc so I don't want to just do things on my own and this guy Jorge does seems like he knows what he is talking about.

The case that I got does not have that jazz up look upfront like Xion II but it does seem to have great build inside and as I will keep on building will know how great it is.

One of the guy who was standing behind me in the line, looked what I was buying and said that's a great case, your going to love it, as I got the similar one "Antec 300" for my son, its a good case. So I was happy by the time I came to the counter to pay lolz :)

After reaching home I unpacked "Antec Nine Hundred ATX Gaming Case" and started to see how things are by opening up the case bolts and then I have brought my old dell pc and tried to move things out of it and put it in to my new case but it just didn't worked out very well, dell has everything so customized to their systems that it just doesn't work with the other cases, so I am going to buy everything new and really build my system from ground up.

Well that's it for today, it's almost 11:00 and just doesn't feel like the system is going any where so catch up later...


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