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Switching 4rm twitter 2 blogger - Update 1

Update: My account has been restored, almost after a month, better late than never :)

Switching 4rm twitter 2 blogger, For whtevr reason twitter felt I have violated there terms conditions & after 2 unsuccessful support tickets I am switching...

the above message was originally test posted from mobile... this works great and keeps things at one place :) much better...

To elaborate on the issue, My account got suspended right after I made few unique tweets on multiple accounts and a week before I deleted some spam tweets on my @syedwasay.

Not knowing what caused the issue for suspension, I thought may be they are thinking I am spaming and blogged my account for that but I hardly posted two or three post and that too on my clients accounts and not on my account, but still no clue as to why my account is suspended.

I tried in vein to communicate back to twitter and explained all I could, first was that, as I am a web developer and maintain many websites, my IP may have been flag for posting on multiple client tweets, which is what my developer mind will figure as for IP tracking, so I wrote explaining my developer status and hoping twitter will understand how in this day and age clients email press releases and or news which are written by PR firms in word documents or under-writers and forwarded to developers to be posted in web friendly formats, and I was hoping to get some kind of reply as to why my account @syedwasay was suspended, but to my horror the case ticket status was changed from open to closed with no explanation.

I tried again and asked the first ticket was closed without a reply and same thing happen and to make things more bizzare, the second ticket was closed with status "Solved". Only ET mind might know what that "Solved" means but to me it only means lack of understanding or common sense at the part of twitter.

Only thing I had now was the initial suspension email which was previously emailed about violating terms and condition and posting on more than one place with the same tweet. I don't recall posting same message except deleting some spam and not thinking too much about it.

I was just starting to enjoying tweeting and wasn't really paying attention as to how someone hacked or posted the account, knowing this to be starter account and just to keep tabs on what's new at twitter, I deleted the offending spam tweets and forgot about it, only to be backstabed by tweespention...

Only thing left for me is to move on to a new platform and promote this platform to my clients, if I can't see new updates of twitter and learn what's comming than I can't promote such product to my clients... yes twitter is phenominal but the bottom line is I am here to give service and if I cannot know about the service I am providing than I might lose the very clients which I first suggest about using twitter.

So, I enabled sms capability of this blogger mobile and it works just as good as twitter and hopefully over time I will enjoy just as I use to enjoy what ever little tweeting I use to do on this blogger site as this is the main site for my blogging and now it will also become the main site for my text messages :)


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