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Facebook Ads Purchase/Implementation

Recently I have purchased a pay-per-click ad on Facebook.

It just happen two weeks ago that I wanted to showcase one of my personal domain as a portal for friends and people to share information online regarding Ramadan and Islam within Michigan and so began the process of launching the web site, blog, twitter account and Facebook page before Ramadan starts.

The domain was purchased long ago so I didn't have to do much but just to point the domain to Facebook page, then setup the blog site on Google's blogger and then setup the twitter account, after which I wrote few blog entries and started posting on the Facebook page. It wasn't long before all things looked atleast as it the page has content and not like a site under construction.

After all the setup, I thought about advertisements, should I run a ad on Google's ad-works or something else? Then as I was hearing so much about Facebook it just felt like I should run a ad on it.

On Facebook I wasn't sure how much money I should spend and also I wasn't sure where to begin or what to display, but as I started signing up for the Facebook ad, it started to look somewhat easier and at the end of all the information filled out I waited in anticipation of the ad being approved, well lets just leave the financial and technical details out lol.

I waited for the response to the ad being approved or is it rejected, for which I repeatedly clicked on refresh for 5 or 10 mins before realizing it may take longer time to get the ad approved.

So I logged off and after a while when I checked my phone and saw a message from Facebook and the subject line "Ad Approved" i was way happy and at the same time nervous, what if I racked up 100's of dollars of bill already? Thank goodness nothing like that happen and I was able to see the approved ad and new ad management related pages which were not visible or available before under pages.

I appreciated the detail impressions of the ads, clicks and actions, as well as how much money I spend in total and per click. It was very easy to understand and appreciate.

As the ad timeline ended this week, I am happy to say that I learned enough about the Facebook Ad management and how to market a web site online. Now I feel like I have an idea about online marketing not just for Facebook but for other platforms as well as I am starting to research them.

If you need help with social media setup or research let me know :)

Hope this helps you in your quest to online marketing!


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