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Configuring PHP on Windows Training Kit with SQL Server 2008 R2

There were lot of trial and errors; but I was finally able to setup "PHP on Windows Training Kit" on Windows 7 with SQL Server 2008 R2.

It was the dependencies check which through the curve balls in the check for all requirements installed or not.

I updated these PowerShell files to complete the setup:

Files in: \Labs\GettingStarted\Setup\scripts\Dependencies\Check

  • CheckAdventureWorks2008DB
    • For AdventureWorks I had to remove the "2008" as the database that is installed on my machine does not have the database name as "AdventureWorks2008"
    • $db = Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query "select database_id from [master].sys.databases where name = 'AdventureWorks'" -ServerInstance ".\SQLEXPRESS"
  • CheckSQL2008
    • For SQL Server check I have to search for R2 as just 2008 will return as not found.
    • SearchAllUninstallKeys -SearchFor 'Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2';
  • CheckSQLServerNativeClient
    • Same as SQL server search; this native client is also R2 and needs to be searched as such.
    • SearchAllUninstallKeys -SearchFor 'Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Native Client';
I had to download the php sql server dlls and stuff but that's easy to follow instructions. This PowerShell updates were the changes I have done for the first time. The setup for "PHP on Windows Training Kit" is straight forward but it should have a check for R2 but in case anyone else have similar issue; I hope this can help you.


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