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iPad jQuery restrictions on multiselect drop downs within the parent lable tag

When I feel everything works, there has to be some platform or gadget that has to act up. Today it was the iPad HTML5 rendering with jQuery. I have a five step registration form that was tested and over tested on Windows, Mac, Androids, Kindle Fire and iPad; and only now, it is found to be something that doesn't work. The bug turns out to be "label" tag that encapsulates the select tag's of organization list and on-change update of another select tag below the organization select tag which is address locations of the referring organization. It seems, because the label tag is the parent tag for both selects, it will only allow the drop down of organization list to be selected. The minute the address select is touched, the iPad closes the list of addresses and reopens the list of organization names. It is silly, yet, it may have it's reasons. I have to go back to wizard page and readjust many such label tags which have multiple select tags. I guess today's is one of those days, something you learn every day!

Update 1: I thought I resolved the issue with iPad but it seems the error has it ways of coming back again and again. First the issue was the LABEL tag, now it seems the first option of multi-select will not get selected in iPad. I do not understand why it is not selecting the first option, but it will work if it had more than one option. I wish there was some way to capture the issue.


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