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SQL Saturday Detroit 2013

The SQL Saturday is a free one day training event for SQL Professionals. This was my first attendance in SQL Saturday event. Overall the event was action packed with lots of things new and interesting in the fields that I work in or am interested to work in. Not sure, how many or what features or technologies I will be able to apply in day to day operations or projects, but I gained lot of new knowledge.

I started off with Kevin Boles “Common T-SQL Mistakes”, even though I have worked with T-SQL for years, I felt the need to review the basics and sit through the common mistakes and see, if I am making any. The take away I got from this was to avoid “User Defined Functions” in store-procedures or queries as they tend to tax the hardware.

Second session I attended was the Dustin Prescott’s “Hacking SQL Server”, this seemed to be the most popular session of all the sessions I attended. The session was more about defensive measures rather than Hacking. Dustin mentioned about the popular products like “BackTrack” and “Kali Linux”.

I have attended some of the other sessions and one of the interesting fact was about what services NOT to run by default like “SQL Writer” and “SQL Auth”. SQL Writer is primarily for backup and unless a backup schedule is setup for automatic execution, there is no need for this service to run by default, it should be turned into a manual service.

The last session I attended before the price drawing, which I usually lose was, Colleen Morrow’s “So I started this blog…. now what?”. After all day of technical sessions, I was exhausted and it felt like a relief to sit in a non 100% technical session and besides all the other session were good to know but didn’t apply to my work, at least not yet.

Colleen’s session was very informative. Even though I have been blogging for a while, it’s nice to know the basics and common issues. Her agenda was “5 common roadblocks for new bloggers” and “5 ways to improve your blog”, and both of items seems to fill the gap that I feel are in my process of blogging.

Overall the SQL Saturday event was very informative and I am glad that I have attended it.


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